Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Away!

This weekend was so very nice. It started off with a wonderful dinner at my uplines house with some fellow demonstrators. She had the tables all set up nice and fancy with decorations. So very pretty!

Then we crafted a little and soon she told 2 of us it was time to get our bags and go. Where too? I didn't know until we were halfway there. Whistler, in a new beautiful lodge right at the bottom of the gondolas for 2 nights. I even got to sleep in. Imagine my surprise when I rolled over to see the clock reading 9:22 am! I haven't slept past 7 in I don't even know how long. This was amazing. So breakfast was at 11 in the village at a lovely place out on the terrace and then some free time to do whatever we chose.

I chose to paint my toes seeing how it was the perfect time with no kids needing my attention in the middle of it and no kids to step on them while they were still wet! Next hot tubing and out for a movie night.

I even had time to make it halfway through a new book. We were spoiled all weekend long from the jars of all our favourite treats (m&m's, wine gums and skittles) to gifts on our pillows each night.

If you want in on this free pampered weekend away, all expenses paid with no kids, why don't you join my team and sign up to demonstrate today. I'd love to share with you why this is one of the best jobs around! Contact me for more info or any questions you have.


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