Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ahhh RELAXING Holidays!

I love this place! We always have our usual holiday in Osoyoos, BC at the beginning of the Summer and we eagerly anticipate it all year long. It is a busy holiday because everyone and their dog is there. We love it but I usually come home not having had to much down time and everything is really dirty and sandy which means major clean up. However, at the end of the Summer we head back out to the Okanagan to Westbank. Here we camp again but this place takes real pride in their grounds. Our campsite actually has beautiful lush green grass and the playground about 20 feet away is meant for kids like mine. The wonderful trees (not willow trees!) provide an abundance of shade. Here my kids don't feel like we have to be at the beach all day and there is a ton of things to do and places to be, including feeding the llamas and alpacas at the very back of the campsite.

I, in the mean time have plenty of time to read and here I actually bring along a few things to craft with. My husband drew the line at the big shot but I managed to get a bag of paper, ribbon, buttons and a few punches together.

I thought I'd share a little something with you today. Check out these flowers. They are gorgeous and they belong to one of the owners here. They are probably 10-12 inches in diameter. No wonder they are called Gigantic Hibiscus!

These flowers reminded me of this bag. So bright and fresh!

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This is beautiful! Your too talented! lol I get to see your creations over at Paper Players each week and you do such lovely work!


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