Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rolled Flower Tutorial

As promised here is the tutorial for rolled flowers. These little flowers are quite cute and very easy to make. You can make them out of cardstock or dsp. I personally like them out of dsp. A little more character to them.

So here is what you will need to get started...
- 1 3/4" circle punch
- 3/4" circle punch
- 1/16" circle punch
- glue dots
- 2-way glue pen
- dazzling diamonds
- crystal brads
- scissors

First punch out one 1 3/4" circle and one 3/4" circle out of dsp. Then take the big circle and using your scissors cut it into a swirl. Start small and work your way to the center of the circle leaving yourself a small circle in the center.

Next, using your 1/16" punch, punch a hole in each circle right in the center. Both the big one and the small one. I've shown you where to punch the large circle in the picture below.

Take the circle you've cut into a swirl and start rolling it up. With my left hand I keep a hold of the center of the circle at all times and continue twisting the swirl around and around until I have just an inch or so left.

Roll up a glue dot and use it to attach the end, still holding the flower tight with your left hand.

Make sure you don't let go of the flower as you put a brad through the center.

Add your 3/4" circle to the bottom and open the teeth of the brad. You may now let go of the rolled flower. If you had let go earlier you would have found that your flower would have unravelled itself.

Using your 2-way glue pen, run it along the edge of the flower all the way around.
Dip the flower upside down in dazzling diamonds...

and voila! One sparkly little flower. In reality they take about 2 minutes to make.

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorail. Leave a comment and let me know how I did!


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