Friday, June 25, 2010

Critter Tutorial

Meet my latest critter...the dragonfly!I have had so many people asking me how to make these little critters that I thought I would show you how. I am not going to go into the detail of each critter, (they all use Stampin' Up punches) but I will show you how to put it all together without ruining the critter each time.
Here we go...
To start you will need to punch two 1 3/4" circles and cut around them a half of an inch wide. (I used my circle cutter to cut around the punched out circle) Cut another solid circle the same size as the outside of the first 2 circles. You will need one tab punch and you will use one of the 1 3/4" circles you used to punch the first circles. Lastly you need one treat cup and a popsicle stick (not shown in the photo) or a shish kabob stick.

Take one of your outlined circles and glue the critter details on to the front or back as you desire. Glue the tab punch to the 1 3/4" circle just at the top and punch a 1 1/4" hole in the large solid circle. Put glue on the back and insert your treat cup.

Next you will remove the sticky from the treat cup and attach the other circle outline to the back.

Put glue on only the bottom half of the backside of the critter and attach the circle with the hole punched out.

Insert your 1 3/4" circle with tab attached and tuck the tip behind the head of the critter.

Glue on a popsicle stick and label the tab "pull here" so children don't start ripping it apart to get it open. Flip it over and you're all done!
Have fun crafting!



Oh my gosh, this is just as cute as it can be! You are SO clever!!


Thanks so much for sharing ... I saw on Stampin' connection and just had to get the tutorial -- great job thanks a lot!

Jheri Lynn

I love the dragonfly so much. I think he's my fave by far!! Superb job!

Sra. Kopydlowski
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Angie Kopy

Thank you so much for sharing! I'm a new-ish demonstrator in Michigan (started in Oct.) and am always looking for cute ideas. Thanks, again!

Kathy's Stampin Pad

awesome, Ive been looking for a tutorial showing how to put a slider in the back of these, thanks so much for sharing

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