Sunday, April 11, 2010

She's Finally Here!

My niece is finally here. She is most likely the last niece or nephew I will get. I can't complain though, cause I've got more then a dozen. It's just that my little one is growing up too fast and I have been dieing to hold a little baby again. She is so sweet. And in all honesty I totally thought she was going to be a boy and so hoping she would be a girl and she is!!! I'm sorry I just really like little girls, besides we have 3 girls and now they have 3 girls. I can't wait for shopping weekends together!

Anyways I had to make a special little card for her. I choose to make the diaper shirt. I have yet to try one and I've been wanting to see how one look with a sweet treat cup in the middle. I'd say it's so very sweet.



OOOOhhh - this is so adorable! What a great idea - love what you did with this. :)

Jheri Lynn

Terry's cousin is being induced today, so I decided to make a card last night for them. I had to try this one and it worked out soo cute. I had to improvise since I don't have the sweet treat cups, but I'm quite impressed with it. I definately will be making a card like this again. I love the rattle!!

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