Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man Cards As Promised

Wow! My man is hard to please. My mom requested some birthday cards for some men we know that are having birthdays coming up. So I went on a mission to make a pile of man cards that would please a man. Harder than I thought! As I said, my man is harder to please than I thought. He took it personally when I asked his opinion and so I got the honest truth from him. This is how I started out. I really like these first 3 but he said the bling and the ribbon had to go. What? I thought this was a pretty manly brad but my mistake. I understand the ribbon though. So I tried again. The string is fine now but he now said the bird was something he would only give to his dad. Well now at least I have a card for an older man. lol.

So I went over the top simple. Nice he said. I am not sure. Are his comments improving any??? Anyways, I like the paper on this one. This textured dsp called To The Ninies Specialty is thick enough that you don't need any other cardstock to back it up. I love how you get a beautiful print on the inside as well! Well, then I found this great card on Carrie Gaskin's blog. She originally made it for a wine topper but I made a few minor changes and can you believe it? I actually got a great big smile on my man's face. Yeah! Success.

So I had to try one last time and got another smile from my husband, but we both agreed that this would make a better card for a little man's birthday.

Now that that is done I'm exhausted. Please let me know what you think! Which one do you like? And any suggestions for next time?



I have a hard time making guy cards too. It's hard to find one my husband really likes. I think you hit the jackpot with the BBQ one!

I like the tree ones, but because of the ribbon, don't think they'd best suit a man.

I like the simple Happy Father's Day one.
Really cute fish card, great for a boy!

Jheri Lynn

I love the second bird one and the simple fathers day one. I love that To the nine's paper. I really love the BBQ card...a LOT! And I quite enjoy making fish cards, I was actually thinking the other day of making some more. Great job on all the cards..they always look good.

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