Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bandit in a Box

Anything but a card...Pals Paper Arts 26

My job-share friend has a daughter that loves to create! For Christmas she asked for a big cardboard box. How funny. But that is her passion. So the other day as we were walking into work I saw her carrying a...something. Looked like a box with the sides taped up. It was made of a piece of lined 3 ring paper. Lots of colors. She had all her pet shop toys in it and I thought nothing of it. As we were finishing she emptied it and gave it to me. She said it was for me and that it was a jack in the box. Sure enough, inside at the bottom was a folded up piece of paper, zigzag style and something pasted to the top. My mind went crazy. That night I set to work on something.

Bandit in a Box!


Wanna Ride Bikes?

How special that my five year old inspired such an awesome project. I will definitely be having you at her birthday party this year. Crafting with you is all she can talk about. Save the date, May 10th is her birthday day, I'm sure her party will be the nearest Friday or Saturday!


"Out of the box" creative! Adorable project from the paper to the design to the pop-up surprise - thanks for playing @PPA!

Mickey Roberts

Very cute! Great job!

...the twinklestamper!

Very clever!!! Love this!

Ree Nathan

Congratulations! What a fabulous project!!! Ree

Tracey Parrott

so very cute! beautifully done!

Ann Schach

OMG! This is just too cute! Congrats on being named an Pals Paper Arts Artist Pick!

Mary Fish

Boing . . . what a wonderful project and surprise. Congrats on being a Pals Pick! Hugs, Mary

Margaret Moody

This is absolutely adorable, Marlene! I love everything about it and love your wonderful story about how it came about! So very fun! Thanks for sharing it and congrats on being chosen as a Pals Pick!



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